Standard Chartered HK Marathon 2018 Media Briefing
Members of the public are advised to plan their routes early, use railway service as far as possible and allow more traveling time to cater for unexpected delay. Bus and other public transport commuters are advised to pay attention to the arrangements of route diversions and suspension/relocation of stops. Motorists are advised not to drive to the affected areas and should exercise tolerance and patience in case of traffic congestion and follow instructions given by the Police. Members of the public and tourists heading for Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, Hong Kong Airport Express Line (AEL) Station, Kowloon AEL Station, China Ferry Terminal (China Hong Kong City) or Ocean Terminal are advised to plan their journey early to avoid and delay caused by road closures and traffic diversions. Taxi and public light bus drivers who will go to Wan Chai North for refilling are advised to take note of the road closure arrangements implemented in the area. Depending on the prevailing circumstances, other ad-hoc traffic and public transport measures, including further closures of roads, traffic diversion, alterations and suspension of public transport services, may be introduced by the Police at short notice. Members of the public are advised to watch out for the latest traffic news on radio and television. For the details of the special traffic and transport information, members of the public may call 1823 Call Centre, browse the website of TD at or make use the “eTraffic News” mobile application of TD.